14 Best Ways to Get More Real Estate Listings

The secret to your success in the Real estate listings industry is listings. No of the situation of the real estate market, the classic adage “List to Last” still holds true.

Many homeowners want to sell but are holding out for the highest price in the Real estate listings market we now have (limited inventory + rising home prices). The problem with this method is that since they aren’t in the Real estate listings industry, they are unable to detect when home prices are plateauing or even beginning to decrease.

This is the ideal time for you, as an agent, to approach sellers, educate them, and secure as many listings as you can!
There are four areas you can concentrate on and dozens of ways to engage with potential house sellers if you are determined to increase the number of real estate listings. datxuyenviet.vn 14 provide for you methods to locate those home sellers and establish contact are outlined below. Yes, you’ll discover that a few are concepts you’ve already heard, but try them out first before you discard them.

Here are 14 ways to get MORE real estate listings:

Real estate listings
Real estate listings

Your Circle of Influence (Friends, Family, Former Clients, Local Contacts)

Yes, you might maybe put the homes of those in your sphere on the market, but what’s more important is to stay in touch with them frequently and find out who they know who might be selling this year. This can be done in a number of ways:

1. Just pick up the phone, please! Call 10 individuals per month from your circle of 120.

2. Request recommendations AND provide monthly e-newsletters with local news, events, and market updates.

3. Organize get-togethers frequently, such as happy hours, cookouts, or lunch invitations for your top referrers.
4. Congratulate all of your previous buying clients on their third, fifth, or even tenth wedding anniversaries by sending them “Happy Anniversary” cards. That can pave the way for a conversation about listing their house. You may further pique their curiosity by including a valuation estimate for their house today.

(Almost) Instant Gratification

Real estate listings
Real estate listings

6. Speak with Expiring Listings. You can concentrate on properties with listings that recently expired or did so several months ago but were never re-listed. It can be simpler to reach such homeowners if you focus on places where you are aware of a sharp increase in prices.

7. Make contact with your MLS’s Withdrawn Listings. A house would frequently be taken off the market because the seller couldn’t sell it for the price they required. Those homeowners might be overjoyed to hear from you because they may not be aware of how much their house values have increased over the past two to three years!

8. Zillow users who have “Make Me Move” homes. Homeowners can now post “Make Me Move” ads on Zillow, indicating that they are willing to sell for a specific price. Since values are rising quickly in various markets across the nation, you can discover that their price point isn’t too far from reality and that you need to get in touch with them.

Leverage Your Current Listings

Real estate listings
Real estate listings

9. Invite the neighbors to an open house “happy hour” the weekend before it is listed. In addition to the possibility that they have a friend who wants to move in, they will respect you for going above and beyond to sell their neighbor’s house.

10. Door-to-door ringing prior to the open house. It’s a terrific way to meet people in the neighborhood, so choose 100 homes that are close to your listing and knock on their doors to ask them to the open house (or simply let them know you have a new listing coming up). Share your home flyer with them and keep the conversation on your current Real estate listings, but as you leave, turn around and inquire as to whether they have any future moving plans.

11. Distribute 200–500 “JUST SOLD” postcards to surrounding residences. Include how long it was on the market and whether the asking price was nearly met. When you have a genuine success story, we advise doing this. In the first weekend, “123 Darling Lane sold for $22,000 over the asking price,” for instance.
They’re going to pay attention to something like that! Additionally, direct them to your website where they may get a free home evaluation. When you frequently work in the neighborhood, this tactic is VERY powerful.

Marketing & Farming

12. Every four to six weeks, send mailers to your “farm”. Include information that is pertinent to them, such as forthcoming events, market statistics for that neighborhood, and recent house sales. They shouldn’t just chuck the mailer in the garbage; you want them to read it. Even though this is typically a long-term approach, if you regularly mail to your farm, you will be at the front of their minds when they are ready to sell. More details regarding neighborhood farming.

13. Focus on garage and yard sales. Call the people listed in “Moving Sale” or “Mega Yard Sale” advertisements or visit their houses every weekend and provide a free home valuation.

14. Social media ads for home valuations. You may run Facebook advertisements and, typically for less than $50, you will receive at least 10 requests for home valuations if you have a landing page or page on your website that enables homeowners to acquire a quick home assessment. Twitter and Instagram can also be used for promotion, but Facebook is typically the best place to start.

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